Announcing the CFP Mentoring Team!

This year we are putting a lot of focus on Speaker mentoring and preparation. We aim to have a quality event with unique and interesting talks, but we know that doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Not everyone is a natural public speaker, or knows how to make a great coding exercise, or maybe you aren’t sure what to speak about. That’s OK!

I’m so proud and happy to announce our CFP Mentors for 2015. This great group will be available for office hours or chat to help you with anything CFP related!

Not sure what to speak about? Not sure what type of submission you should make, or if your talk is relevant (it is)? Just need to brainstorm or have a rubber duck to talk to? Have specific questions about how to structure your proposal or your talk? Ask the CFP mentors!

They’ll be available for office hours in 30 min blocks. They’ll also be occasionally perusing the submissions and may ask questions or chat with you on there, so don’t be surprised if you see them commenting!

Your 2015 CFP Mentors!


Elyse Holladay @elyseholladay

Elyse is a Front-End Architect at RetailMeNot in Austin, TX. She loves architecting Sass and CSS, and thinks refactoring it is even more exciting, especially for enterprise products and applications. She has a GIF for every occasion, an epic makeup collection, and never met a book she didn’t like.

As I’m heading up the SassConf 2015 speaker selection, I’ll of course be available as a CFP mentor at any time! — Elyse

Scott Kellum @scottkellum

Scott is a a designer and front end developer at Vox Media. He grew up in the suburbs of DC but moved to NYC for school and never moved back. He enjoys cat gifs, hammocks, and great food.

Scott will be helping me head up the CFP Mentor team. He’ll be in the IRC chat as well as helping schedule mentoring sessions. A SassConf/Gotham Sass vet, he has a great sense of community and I’m excited to have him on board! — Elyse

Claudina Sarahe @itsmisscs

Claudina is the lead organizer of SassConf, and a Front-End Architect at OddBird. She organizes the New York City Sass meetup. She’s also a YC finalist and StartUp Bus alumna. Radical. Dominicana. Sudanese. Queer.

As the SassConf organizer Claudina has a great sense of what types of talks suit SassConf best. She’s also SO excited to see some new speakers on the docket this year! — Elyse

Sam Kapila @samkap

Sam is a designer, educator, and person living in Austin, TX. She’s a Web Design Instructor at The Iron Yard. She spends a lot of time playing with responsive web design, web typography, podcasting, and speaking. She grew up on the Dutch island of Curaçao.

Sam is an amazing teacher and one of the most encouraging people I’ve ever met. She has a really unique, calm way of explaining things and is lovely to talk to. She’ll be an amazing asset to our potential speakers! — Elyse

Jen Myers @antiheroine

Jen Myers is a web designer/developer, speaker, writer and teacher in Chicago, and the Director of Open Source Curriculum at online training course provider Pluralsight. She founded Code and Cupcakes, a series of mother/daughter coding workshops she leads regularly, and has been involved with Girl Develop It as a chapter leader, instructor and advisor since 2011. She speaks extensively about design, development and diversity, and focuses on finding new ways to make both technology and technology education accessible to everyone.

Jen’s awesome speaker mentoring sessions are where I first got the idea for doing CFP mentors, and I’m honored that she agreed to be one for SassConf! She’s an inspiration and gives great advice, so be sure to chat with her about your talk! — Elyse

Karolina Szczur @fox

Karolina is a designer, developer and photographer working with her friends at &yet. In her free time she runs CSS Conf Oakland and advises on diversity. She also owns a cat and an excessive amount of books on typography.

Karolina’s amazing outreach and organization of CSS Conf Oakland were so eye-opening for Claudina and I. Karolina is so encouraging and passionate about both diversity and great talks. I know she’ll help make proposals the best they can be! — Elyse

Mason Wendell @codingdesigner

Mason Wendell is a coding designer and has been since 1996, back when if you had a design you had to code it yourself. More recently he’s become a Responsive Design and Sass expert. He’s the creator behind Breakpoint, co-creator of Sassy Modular Scale, and author of many articles on Sass and Responsive Web Design for The Sass Way. He plays the upright bass, takes pictures, and owns a hammock. He’s currently a Senior Developer and Designer at Phase2.

Mason is a SassConf veteran, and gives some of the most lovely, story-based talks I’ve ever seen, with beautiful slides, too. He’ll be fantastic at helping you figure out how to tell your story! — Elyse

Chris Eppstein @chriseppstein

Chris lives in San Jose, CA with his kick-ass family. He writes code and leads stylesheet tech at LinkedIn. You know him as the creator of Compass (and now Spyglass!) and co-maintainer of Sass itself!

Chris is an amazing addition to this mentoring team—not just as an integral part of the Sass community, but also because he is one of the most genuinely compassionate and inclusive people I’ve ever met. He brings so much love to his work and I know he’ll do the same for this! — Elyse

Dan Denney @dandenney

Dan is a front-end dev at Code School and fan of all things web design and development. He attends many meetups and conferences, maintains Design Orlando, and founded Front-End Conf in St. Petersburg, FL.

I first met Dan at Front-End Conf after he asked me to speak. He has a strong sense of how to build a great speaker lineup and do it with fairness, while still keeping the quality high. I am honored that he’s on our mentoring team! — Elyse



How do I sign up?

You can request SassConf CFP Mentor Office Hours right here in this form! You can request a particular person, or a CFP mentor of a particular gender, or anyone. Name and email are required so we can get in touch with you!

Once you request office hours, Scott or Elyse will schedule you with a mentor, taking into consideration your preferred mentor option, and everyone’s available time slots. You’ll get a scheduled session as soon as we verify with the mentor, and we’ll share contact info both ways.


IRC Chat

We’re also excited to host an IRC chat specifically for SassConf and CFP related questions! You can access it right here or by going to the CFP Chat & Mentoring link in the nav bar.

Scott and Elyse will be in the chat regularly, and the other mentors will be in occasionally as well!

Hope to see you soon!