Don't Speak in Code: Clear + Kind Communication Skills

In a world where we are so used to interacting with other humans from behind our screens, sometimes it's important to take a step back and realize that we are communicating with human beings who have feelings. We often dismiss this from time to time when tweeting, submitting issues to repositories, communicating via messages, and submitting pull requests. Though it's not always intentional, as members of a community or workplace it is our responsibility to uphold a certain standard of empathy and understanding. Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment is important in order to foster diversity of people and skill sets which in turn creates stronger products and communities.

During this discussion, we'll talk about our personal experiences in tech, about improving communication to be more thoughtful, and most importantly: how to bring this back to our companies, open source projects, and lives.

About Ally Palanzi

Ally Palanzi is a senior front-end engineer making internet things at Vox Media; publisher of Vox, Polygon, The Verge, SB Nation, Eater, Racked, Re/code, and Curbed.

She is an active member of the DC design and tech community where she co-organizes the Sassy DC Meetup and advocates for DC Fem Tech.