Looping for Animation

In this workshop, full of hand-on exercises, we will look into the gist of Sass’ loops for animations. Introducing the best tips to make impressive animations with a tiny quantity of code. As we take advantage of Mixins and Loops; animating color changes, creating delays and even animating SVG is simpler than ever!

What you will learn:
  • How to create animations more easily
  • How to make your code reusable
  • How to write code faster and more efficiently
  • How to take advantage of looping and mixins when working with animations
Coding Exercises

Attendees will need basic knowledge of HTML, CSS & Sass, and a code editor to work through the exercises. These will vary in difficulty, starting with basic animations of color ranges and finishing with an SVG animation.

About Eva Ferreira

Evangelina Ferreira is a web design professor at the National Technological University of Argentina and an occasional freelance web developer. Evangelina has recently spoken at CSSConf AU 2015, CSSConf US 2014 and JSConf AR 2014. She loves cats and CSS.