Websites and Breakdancing

I am currently a UX/UI Designer for a large company in Augusta, GA. I have been designing websites since I discovered the Internet. But, many people are shocked to learn about my past job experience.

I am a former breakdancing instructor and choreographer. I traveled around the country with dance groups teaching and competing for 5 years! I know what you're thinking… "What a great conversation starter on your resume!" You are right! I think that quirky entry on my resume may be part of what made me stand out to employers.

How does this relate to the web? Well, in more ways than I could have imagined. I learned many of the concepts needed to be a developer from being a choreographer!

  • Customer Service
  • Design
  • Look and Feel
  • User Experience
  • Structure
  • Modularization
  • CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

I left the dance community two years ago. You may think that dancing through life is easy. But, it's not. I left this world due to the physical demands and the politics.

The dance community is filled with unbridled rivalry and confrontation. It is a cutthroat job with a short lifespan. You must watch your back and be careful not to teach your signature moves to anybody. Don't give away your choreography process or you might strengthen your opponent. Dance workshops contain little innovation. They teach the basics to beginners and push choreography on the advanced.

But, we are lucky enough to find ourselves within an industry of collaboration. This conference is one of many examples of why the web community has flourished. When you discover a new technique, you share it with others! You can learn from each other and network. There are no web design street battles (though I've pitched the idea to movie producers).

Instead, we have an awesome community and a career path with unlimited potential and no end in sight.

And of course, I will dance for a minute or two!

About Jesse Nichols

Jesse (Supaman) Nichols was born in Augusta, GA in 1989. He grew up close by, in Beech Island, SC. Jesse's interest in computers started at an early age when his parents bought their first PC. Unaware of the PC's ability to do anything other than word processing, Jesse's parents were shocked to find him playing games on their computer! From there, he began to explore the computer and subsequently, the internet. His early years were spent as a professional breakdancer and choreographer, but he eventually succumbed to his true passion, web development. Jesse lives in North Augusta, SC with his wife Amanda. He enjoys web development, dancing, martial arts, and parkour.