How to be a meaningful contributor to the Sass development community.

Sass is unique in the world of pre-processing languages because of it's vibrant and enthusiastic community. We give each other inspiration, lessons from mistakes, and a groundwork to build upon with our successes.

With so much code already being shared you might think that there is no room for your minor accomplishments. This is absolutely incorrect. Your code is awesome and you shouldn't be afraid to share it with others! More code being shared means more opportunities to learn from each other. It's critically important for us as developers to share our code, and I want to show you how.

In this workshop, we'll go over the specific concerns of open-sourcing your code and some best practices such as: writing documentation, creating tests, managing dependencies, and registering your code in package-management services like Bower. By the end of the workshop, all participants will have "broken the ice" and contributed open-source code to the Sass community.

The Sass community needs your voice!

What we'll cover
  • DevOps stuff (build tools, github, etc) * Design patterns for writing reusable code
  • Dependency management with Bower, npm, and Bundler
  • Using True to test functions
  • Using git hooks to prevent committing broken code
  • Registering your package with Bower, npm & Sache
  • Semantic Versioning
  • Writing a useful README
  • Documentation with SassDoc
About Tim Hettler

Tim Hettler is a Senior Software Engineer at R/GA in New York City. He's been working as a web professional for over 10 years, back when creating a box with rounded-corners took at least 2 images. He's passionate about CSS preprocessors (duh), web application development, and utilizing front-end build tools work more efficiently. Ideally this gives him more time to ride his bike, go birdwatching, or bake pies.