We're pleased to offer three training workshops this year on Saturday, November 14th, hosted at Capital Factory.

Snacks or lunch and refreshments will be provided for all attendees. For all workshops you'll need your own laptop + power cord; wifi is provided.

This is a separate ticket from your SassConf ticket! Yes, you can attend these even if you don't attend SassConf. No, there is no additional discount if you do (sorry).

Mastering Gulp.js Build Systems with Wes Bos $225 / Half Day
Wes Bos

All modern websites and web applications require a build step in which we compile, compress and clean any code/assets in our project.

Gulp.js is a task runner that allows us to quickly create and customize build systems for any type of project. Whether you are building a Ruby on Rails application, creating an App in Angular.js or a website on WordPress, learning Gulp.js is an investment you need to make.

This workshop is the morning half of November 14th. Only 20 seats available.

What you will learn

This one day course will increase your web tooling workflow by taking a deep dive into Gulp.js. The goals of this course are:

  • Full understanding of Gulp, with the ability to create totally customized build systems
  • Increased Developer Efficiency - build it once and have your tooling support you in solving problems rather than manual tasks
  • Creation of better, cleaner codebases
  • Faster loading websites, smaller overall footprints
  • Compiling Sass, Stylus or Less into CSS
  • Start using CSS4 features today CSS Next
  • Automatically prefixing CSS with Autoprefixer
  • Removing unused CSS from our projects
Code Quality + Performance
  • Compress all your JPG, PNG and GIF files before launching a site
  • Inline SVG files for easy manipulation and fast loading
  • Run Linters on languages which check for coding errors
The Toolchain
  • Installing Node.js
  • Managing packages with NPM
  • Working with existing gulp build systems
  • Creating build systems from scratch
  • Selecting files with Globs
  • Working with Buffers and Streams
+ So much more
  • Live edit with BrowserSync to easily test, reload and sync website changes across multiple devices
  • Create watch tasks that run when files are changed
  • Error Handling and Desktop Notifications
  • Writing your own Gulp.js Task

This course will take you from beginner to expert. No previous experience in Gulp is needed. Since Gulpfiles are written in JavaScript, some experience with JavaScript is an asset.

  • A computer running OSX, Windows or Linux is required.
  • iTerm2 or Terminal for Macs, or Cmder
  • Node.js installed - download and use the installer at
Advanced Sass: Turn your Sass up to 11 with Roy Tomeij $300 / Full Day
Roy Tomeij

Would you like to start using the Sass CSS-preprocessor, or do you want to optimize your workflow and get the most out of it? Work with Roy Tomeij to turn your Sass up to eleven and become a true expert.

This full-day workshop covers the core concepts, syntax and features of Sass. But more importantly: it teaches you how and when to use them to improve your daily workflow. It's going to be a hands-on experience, with plenty of fun exercises based on real world use cases.

This workshop is the full day November 14th. Only 20 seats available.

Apart from the Sass specific topics below, Roy will also cover when to use Sass or a post-processor like PostCSS, touch on implementations like libSass, and explain Eyeglass. There will be plenty of time for questions too.

After taking the workshop you know how and when to use:
  • Basic Sass features: variables, mixins, and so forth
  • Sass data types, operation & control structures
  • @extend and placeholders
  • Sass' powerful built-in functions
But you'll also learn about:
  • Hand-crafting Sass functions for your own grid system
  • Media query management
  • Modular development & architecture
  • Theming with Sass
  • Building your own library
  • Working with right-to-left layouts
  • Understanding color and programmatically modifying it
  • Automating CSS animation with Sass

Depending on group size and experience we can choose to change the pace and add (or ignore) topics.

Is this workshop for me if...
  • I don't know CSS yet? → No, you need to have at minimum basic working knowledge of CSS.
  • I haven't used Sass before? → Yes! It will be a lot to digest and you may feel lost at times, but don't worry: we'll be helping each other. Sasstronauts stick together.
  • I use Sass daily? → Yes! This workshop is great for you because we explore the hidden gems Sass has to offer.
  • I'm a Sass expert? → Maybe! We'll be doing some fun stuff that might entertain you.
Who's teaching?

Your teacher is Roy Tomeij, a front-end architect from Amsterdam. He started using Sass in 2007 and hasn't written any CSS since. He has talked about Sass at over 30 international conferences and given over a dozen workshops just like this one. You're in good hands!


You'll need a laptop with Sass installed, or access to (internet access is provided by the venue, but bring your own laptop).